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Petey Gibson is an LA-based, Boston-bred transmasc actor, producer, writer, and comedian. He enjoys eating anything made of potatoes, hyping up his friends, and giving talks to college kids even though he did not graduate himself. Isn't life wild? You might be here because you saw him as C Hemingway on Alert: Missing Persons Unit. That's pretty cool - welcome! Thanks for being here. I hope your day is really nice.

Petey's multi-hyphenate work spans over 15 years - rather than formal training, he cut his teeth in Boston's underground drag and variety scene as a performer, writer, producer, host - whatever hat was required to bring the best night possible to as many people possible. That work included everything from renting popcorn machines for vaudeville revival shows at the local YMCA, touring from London to LA to Toronto as a drag king, staging multi-media puppet shows... look, Boston's a wild scene - you should check it out. His greatest accomplishment was as creator of variety extravaganza The Mary Dolan Show - a monthly trainwreck hosted by octogenarian Mary Dolan, complete with a live band, and guest acts including writer Baratunde Thurston and comics River Butcher, Danielle Perez, and Solomon Georgio. Boston's Weekly Dig called it "heroic defiance of good taste". It's a BLAST.


After moving to LA, Petey segued that live production and performance experience to creating a webseries, multiple shorts, and a pilot based in his hometown of Somerville. Eventually, this led to producing and starring in lesbian romcom feature The Sympathy Card, which took home three Audience Awards for Best Narrative Feature on its fest run (now available on multiple streaming services.) You just gotta keep at it, kids. 

He currently co-produces Them Fatale, a successful long-running monthly Drag King fundraiser in downtown Los Angeles, and serves on the DEI Board of Story Pirates, a bicoastal organization celebrating children's stories and ideas where he also teaches, hosts, and performs. 

As an actor and Groundlings-trained comedian, Petey has appeared on BROAD CITY, GRACE & FRANKIE, and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS, as well as the EMMY-nominated doc miniseries THIS IS ME, and MASTERCARD's groundbreaking TrueName commercial, the first all-trans commercial of its kind. He plays Head Forensic Anthropologist C Hemingway on Alert: Missing Persons Unit (all eps now on Hulu) and recently worked with the ART on a new play workshop.


Other current projects include an upcoming short with director Jett Garrison, pre-production on two feature documentaries, and continued work in children's entertainment. Writing-wise, he's got a delicious transmasc buddy comedy he'd absolutely love to make, so... let ya boy know if you wanna read it.


Finally, here are a few links to things if you are, somehow, unsatiated:

-HERE's a written interview with GLAAD about the character C Hemingway

-HERE's a video interview with Advocate Today

-HERE's an in-depth podcast interview Petey did recently with Allyship is A Verb

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